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Health and Safety Consultancy

The provision of a safe and secure workplace for employees provides motivation for productive working and  boosts morale. Many businesses may not have the necessary time or competence in-house to manage all of the  health and safety issues relevant to their work activities. This is where abc Safety can help by providing an  efficient and professional service. We can provide a full range of safety services to help you to assess and  prevent or reduce risks to your employees and others from hazards in your workplace. 

Our Range of Services Includes...

Health and Safety Policies

Developing policies & strategies to identify and manage the relevant issues, ensuring the focus is on those with the highest priority.

Health and Safety Management Systems

We can help you to set these up enabling you to manage health & safety in a structured and cost efficient


Risk Assessments

We can assist in the identification of hazards in the workplace; initiate the process of assessing the risks and

performance of existing controls and recommend and prioritise cost effective solutions.   

Monitoring and Auditing  

The process of measuring your performance and effectiveness of control measures helps you understand how effective your arrangements are at controlling risks in the workplace. Techniques used include: Workplace inspections, surveys and task analysis with the purpose to identify unsafe working practices and conditions; Monitoring of exposure to airborne contaminants - dust, vapours, fume etc; Noise monitoring; Evaluation of existing control measures; Accident/incident investigations.

Health & Safety Advisor

We can provide bespoke packages for clients who wish to retain our services as health and safety advisors. The packages can include one or more of the following : Scheduled workplace safety inspections; Meetings to advise and assist on health and safety issues; Attendance at Safety Committees and health and safety reviews; Assessing the risks to the employment of young persons, pregnant and/or breast feeding mothers ; Writing procedures for safe systems of work; Accident/Incident Investigation; and Liaison with the Enforcing Authority.  

Health and Safety Training

Our courses cover a wide range of topics from basic safety awareness to training for your in-house trainers. For full details follow the safety training  link. All clients have access to telephone or email advice and receive regular communications to keep them abreast of developments in health and safety issues. We will of course be happy to supply more detailed information about us and all our services upon request. To find out more, please use the contact details listed. We look forward to hearing from you.